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Tourism Promotion Office of Emmerthal

In Emmerthal, here at the heart of the Weserbergland (the Weser Uplands), you'll find nature at her most lovely. Fresh green splashed across a bucolic landscape, blooming fields of rapeseed, babbling waters and turning leaves in our autumnal forests, magnificent buildings in the distinctive Weser Renaissance style and the lavish blossomed glory of Ohrbergpark.

Our region offers a diverse range of activities: hiking on the Weserbergland Trail (XW), the Loccum - Volkenroda pilgrimage route or the looping hiking trails through the enchanted beech groves that surround Emmerthal; tours along the Emmer and Weser bike trails to the city of Hameln, famed for its pied piper. Yet it's also possible to explore our region away from the roads and paths - on the Weser River, where you might chance to see some of our unique flora and fauna from the vantage point a canoe, rowboat or other craft. Or take in a more relaxing version of our watery pleasures through an outing with the Weserschifffahrtsgesellschaft, our local boat tour operator.

Visitors with an interest in culture and history will find some gems buried in this region, including the city of Bodenwerder (home to the 'Lying Baron' of Munchhausen), Hämelschenburg Castle (one of the most important buildings in the Weser Renaissance), and the old spa town of Bad Pyrmont, a favorite of many notable figures in the past. Yet these highlights shouldn't outshine out the less renowned, but equally worthy, museums in which long-forgotten styles of artisanal craftsmanship are kept alive for today's generations.


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